Programme 2016

november 30th, 2016

8h30-9h00 Welcome
Chairpersons: Claudie Willemin
Session: Skin & Chimical environment
9h00-9h15 Introduction
9h15-9h45 What is adaptation? Pr Guillaume Lecointre - Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle - France
9h45-10h15 Ambient Pollution and Adverse Heath Effects in China Pr Kan - Fudan University - China
10h15-10h45 Environment pollution and sensitivity skin / skin allergy Dr Anqi Li - Chengdu Hospital - China
11h15-11h45 Cosmetic solutions for pollution protection Dr Carine Nizard - LVMH - France
11h45-12h15 Environmental Effects on Skin Health: Photopollution stress study Dr Jérémie Soeur - L'Oreal R&I - France
12h15-12h35 Mitokines: a new target for an innovative anti-pollution strategy Dr Pauline Rouaud-Tinguely - SILAB - France
12h35-12h55 Air pollution-induced skin damages: From molecular mechanisms to skin care strategies Dr Emilie Bony - Greentech - France
Lunch - Sponsor: LIPOTEC
14h25-14h45 Characterization of cutaneous transcriptomic and cellular response to air pollutants Dr Roland Hubaux - Straticell - Belgium
14h45-15h05 Biomimicry defense against pollution inspire by a bacteria to protect human skin Dr Thibault Saguet - Groupe Solabia - France
15h05-15h25 Daylight and air pollution-induced damages : new approach to protect the skin Mrs Imke Meyer - Symrise AG - Germany
15h25-15h45 Innovative Silicone-based Solutions to Protect Skin against Pollution Dr Marc Eeman - Dow Corning Beauty and Personal Care™
Break - Sponsor: DSM - France
15h45-16h35 Skin and secondary metabolites of mountain plants M. François PAUL - DSM - France
16h35-16h55 Protection Against Pollution-Induced skin Aging by the Ougon Extract from Ichimaru Pharcos Dr Olivier Paquatte - Safic-Alcan - France
16h55-17h15 Strengthening from inside: against environmental enemies Dr Subhashree Mahapatra - Lipotec - Spain
17h15-17h35 Prevent cutaneous damages linked to pollutants and UV thanks to a natural shield Mme Aïna QUEIROZ - ID bio - France
17h35-18h05 Posters
18h05-20h30 : Cocktail - Sponsor: SACI-CFPA - SFC 2016 Award

December 1st, 2016

8h30-9h00 Welcome
Chairpersons: Christiane Montastier
Session: Skin & Energical environment
9h00-9h45 Skin aging beyond UV Pr Jean Krutmann - IUF – Leibniz Institut für umweltmedizinische Forschung GmbH - Düsseldorf - Germany
9h45-10h15 Transcriptome analysis reveals the contribution of thermal and the specific effects in cellular response to millimeter wave exposure Dr Yves Le Dréan - Universite de Rennes Environment and Cancer Group, Rennes - France
10h15-10h45 Skin aging and environmental factors Dr Frederique Morizot - Chanel Recherche & Technologie - France
11h15-11h35 Synergistic effect of UV and pollutants on human skin Dr Louis Danoux - Basf - France
11h35-11h55 Evaluation of the environmental stress impact on the skin biological modifications (UVs, pollutants: ozone, ...) from In tubo up to Clinical trials M. Alain Moga - Synelvia - France
11h55-12h15 Award ceremony
Lunch - Sponsor: Givaudan Active Beauty
Session: Skin & Emotional environment
13h45-14h15 Stress and Skin: Physiological Analyses of the Connection between Mind and Skin Dr Junichi Hosoi - Shiseido - Japon
14h15-14h45 Emotions processing and behavior related to olfactory environment : brain functional MRI findings Pr Denis Ducreux - Hôpital Bicêtre - France
14h45-15h05 Neurocosmetics: a scientific evolution towards health and well-being Dr Fabrice Lefèvre - Givaudan Active Beauty - France
15h05-15h35 Odors, Stress and Emotions Dr Eva Heuberger - Division of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Department of Psychology, Saarland University - Germany
16h05-16h25 Preserving the hyalurosome to limit psychological stress-induced premature aging Dr Mathilde FRECHET - Exsymol - Monaco
Session: Skin & Natural environment
16h25-16h55 Plant response to environmental stress Pr. Jean-Gabriel Valay : Station alpine Joseph Fourier, Université Grenoble Alpes - France
17h00-17h30 Conclusion